Great ideas are rewarded!

Great ideas are rewarded!

Creating a safe working environment is not something you do alone, you do it together.
And who better to think of what can be improved in our workplace than our own colleagues. That is why at Heatpoint we have created a ' QHSE idea of ​​the year' election!

All employees have put forward very good QHSE (Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment) ideas during the year. This ranged from installing a CO detector in the workshop to using other tie-wraps that are less likely to break.

But there can only be one winner. This year Yorick won the election. His idea for purchasing a more manageable generator was voted the best idea by colleagues.
The prize is a fun day out with the family.
Have fun Yorick!

And to all colleagues; Thank you for providing so many good ideas again this year. Working safely is something we do together! 

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